Innovating for the Shopper of Tomorrow.

We’re collaborating with entrepreneurs and trade partners to create the shopping experience of the future in 90 days.

Mondelēz International with its world-renown snack brands, among them Milka, Oreo and Mikado, is cooperating with innovative startups to create the shopping experience of tomorrow.

─ About Shopper Futures

With Shopper Futures we want to leverage the increasing connectivity between trade and shoppers, launching into a new era of shopper marketing.
Through Shopper Futures we will collaborate with startups, trade and program partners and some of our most renown snacking brands. The goal is to gain new insights on how continually evolving digitalization influences the purchase decision process of today and tomorrow. Shopper Futures is geared to tech founders in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who want to break new ground in Shopper Marketing. Let’s reinvent the shopper experience of the future along the complete purchase path, at both physical and digital points of sale.

Some of the tech sectors we consider key to this transformation are:

  • Tech-based shopper marketing solutions
  • In-store shopper analytics
  • Shopper loyalty & reward schemes
  • Shopper utilities & apps
  • Proximity Marketing
  • E-/M-/S-commerce
  • Connected commerce – connection of online and offline channels along the purchase decision process
  • "Packtivation”
  • And others…

Applications for the Shopper Futures program are now closed. For questions, comments, suggestions or more information please feel free to reach out to hi@shopperfutures.de.

─ Participating Brands

  • Milka
  • Oreo
  • Mikado
  • Belvita
  • Halls

─ Participating Retailers

  • Penny
  • Valora
  • Rewe
  • Buenting
  • And more

─ Participating Premium Partners

  • Facebook
  • Carat Amnet

─ Congratulations to Our Winners!

Oreo + Buenting + Sensape

Sensape’s proprietary artificial intelligence software recognizes people and their demographics as well as objects, making digital screens intelligent and interactive. Using these revolutionary capabilities Oreo and Bünting are looking to transform the world of in-store interactive displays and advertising.

Milka + REWE + QuizCoup

QuizCoup combines products, branded quizzes and electronically redeemable coupons to gamify the shopping experience, drawing in consumers and building brand equity in a new and profound way. By implementing QuizCoup technology Milka and REWE plan on leveraging online assets to drive rapid new awareness and adoption of its “Say it with Milka” campaign and products via gamification.

Oreo + Sensape

POSpulse, via their proprietary application, deploys the largest panel of shoppers in use today to survey and collect live data on in-store placements, advertising and the shopping experience. By creating a unique product survey, and leveraging POSpulse’s expansive data analytics platform, Mikado aims to see how current campaigns are running in store and optimize in real time to increase return on investment.

Belvita + SO1

So1’s completely new approach allows manufacturers and retailers to reach individual consumers with individual promotional offers and achieve an ROI that exceeds levels conventionally attainable by as much as a factor of ten. Belvita, utilizing SO1’s network of in store kiosks, can accelerate their in-store marketing effectiveness, helping convert awareness to purchase by the brand’s prospective consumers.

Halls + MyCouchbox

MyCouchbox delivers a box of happiness, in the form of snacks and sweets, to more than 4000 consumers each month. Combined with their expansive social presence, unique ability to promote specific brands and analyze the results of promotions, as well as their granular consumer data, MyCouchbox will enable Halls to launch their new product line intelligently at scale.

─ The Mondelēz team behind Shopper Futures

  • Anna-Lena Meyer

    Junior Brand Manager of Oreo
  • Hannah Esters

    Assistant Brand Manager of BelVita
  • Sabine Regehr

    Brand Manager of Mikado
  • Doris Filseth

    Senior Brand Manager Candy
  • Artem Mazur

    Junior Brand Manager of Milka
  • Lars Becker

    Milka Digital Communication Manager
  • Hannes Gerold

    Regional Account Manager
  • Andre Nieber

    Category Planning Expert
  • Alex Nordloh

    National Customer & Category Activation Manager
  • Angelika Westphal

    Digital Program Lead Europe
  • Lisa Armbruster

    Senior Brand Manager Biscuits Treat
  • Heike Hauerken

    Area Manager Communication Central Europe
  • Kathrin Weiss

    Point-of-Sale Activation Manager
  • Julian Postert

    National Account Manager
  • Manuel Nogueira

    Sales Representative
  • Henrik Schoppe

    Manager Shopper Insights Central Europe
  • Jonas Numrich

    External Affairs Manager Central Europe
  • Hans Kilander

    Area Media Manager Central Europe
  • Elisabeth Altenkamp

    Manager IS Sales
  • Sascha Pudlitz

    National Account Manager
  • Kai Thornagel

    Head of Digital Sales Activation
  • Armin Eichhorn

    Program Lead Shopper Futures

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─ Our Network of Partners

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